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 » Old photos - copper mining - Replications of old photos from the history of copper mining in Polk County's Copper Basin
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Crumley, Albert sawmill Crumley, Albert sawmill $1.50
The Albert Crumley sawmill around 1910.
Democrat Candidates 1964 Democrat Candidates 1964 $1.50
Photo from a 1964 Polk County News shows the Democrats chosen during the annual convention: Henry Watson, Tax Assessor; Austin P. McClary, Sheriff; Mrs. Deryl Curbow, Circuit Court Clerk; I.J. Wright, County Court Clerk; and Hugh Hampton, Register of Deeds.
Dentville cotton gin Dentville cotton gin $1.50
Replication of old photo of the cotton mill in Dentville.
Dress Revue 1976 Dress Revue 1976 $1.50
Copy of photo in the Polk County News of participants in the dress revue at the County Fair in 1976.
Ducktown 1926 Ducktown 1926 $1.50
Ducktown in 1926.
Ducktown 1940s Ducktown 1940s $1.50
Ducktown in the 1940s
Ducktown early scene Ducktown early scene $1.50
A look at Ducktown in the early days.
Ducktown Station Depot Ducktown Station Depot $1.50
This photo of the depot at Ducktown Station (now Postelle) was taken in 1947.
Ducktown YMCA Ducktown YMCA $1.50
Ducktown YMCA, date unknown. It was built by the Tennessee Copper Company for the benefit of its employees and dedicated in 1911. The Y was Ducktown's social and recreational center for years. The main floor featured a bowling alley, skating rink, barber shop and conference rom. On the second floor were the gym, library and projection room. There were guest rooms on the third floor. "Uncle George" Freeman was the manager for many years. In the 1980s it was home to the Ducktown Flower Shoppe. It has since burned down.
Ducktown, early Ducktown, early $1.50
An early view of Ducktown.