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Boyd School 1903 Boyd School 1903 $1.50
Old photo shows Boyd’s School students in 1903. The school, located just east off Mount Hermon Methodist Church, was later consolidated with Charleston and Benton schools. Identification is included.
Boyd's School 1911 Boyd's School 1911 $1.50
Old photo shows Boyd's School in 1911. Front, Irene Fulbright, Mary Greeg, Nona Marie Coker, Inez Coker, Louise Cook, Vena Belle Willson, Ruth McClary, Irene McClary, Hattie Babb, Homer Babb, Leon Smith, Paul Fulbright, William McPheeters, C.L. Fulbright, Clint Lawson, Milburn Sewell. Second row, Emily Rose, Orrie Lee Cook, Irene Smith, Lucy Kimsey, Luta Mae Sewell, Josephine Burchfield, Pearl Mae Fulbright, R.W. McClary, Clyde Sewell, C.W. Lawson. Third row, Clifford Rose, John Brown, Ben McClary, Herbert Norton, Clyde Sewell. Fourth row, Tommie Shoemaker, Nannie Kimsey, Marchie Kate Cook, Jessie Fulbright, Mary Burchfield, Ruby Kate Willson, Rachel Burchfield, Joe Norton, Frank Bacon, Hobson Gregg, John Wilson, teacher. (Copied from a 1965 Polk County News.)
Bradley County HS Latin Club Bradley County HS Latin Club $1.50
Old photo shows the 1912 Latin Club at Bradley County High School in Charleston. Front, from left, Lila Belle Wilson, Gladys Mackey, Louie Wilson, Lena Atchley, Lela Bryan, Lillian Weeks. Second row, Jennie Collins, Cleo Tinsley, Angeline Wilson, Blanche Alexander, Jessie Johnson and Timmie Bryant. Back, Dave Mowery, Mercer Clementson, Enoch Atchley, Traynor Cameron, Tom Johnston, Lowery Weeks and Afton Mackey. (Copied from a 1965 Charleston-Calhoun Record)
Bradley High School 1916 Bradley High School 1916 $1.50
Photo shows the last graduates of Bradley County High School in Charleston, the Class of 1916. The new Bradley Central High School opened in Sept. 1916. The school at Charleston was renamed Charleston High School. Front, from left, Sullins Varnell, Allie Carr, Lowery Weeks, W.B. Parks, teacher, W.M. Walker, teacher. Second row, Bascon Denton, Robert Everhart, Dewey Lacy, Kibler Edwards. Back row, Bertha Smith, Ollie Osment, Millie Carr, Herbert Bullington, Mary Gray, Walter Owen, Sallie Cleveland. (Copied from a 1965 Charleston/Calhoun Record. Original photo courtesy of C.L. McAlister.)
Calhoun High School 1917 Calhoun High School 1917 $1.50
Photo was made of Calhoun High School in fall, 1917, the second year in the new building. Front, from left, Temple McMurray, Mildred Johnson, Lake Thomas, Pat Svils, Allie Saulpaw, Grace Watt, Dennis Blevins, Stella Taylor, Pearl McAlister, Opal Barker. Second row, Imogene Whitaker, Fannie Taylor, Hattie Shamblin, Ida Stanley, Minnie Stephenson, Bess Taylor, Rudy Godsey, Grace Johnson, Pauline Epperson, Frankie Whitaker, Charmie Barker, Isabel Wilburn, Annie Shamblin, Jack Price, Third row, Aster Staton, Willie Eaves, Floyd Henry, Bertha Reid, Marie Hambright, Tommy Saulpaw, Ralph McMurray, Ernest Barker, Roy Womac, Joe Simpson, Reece McCamish, R.T. Bryan, Lester Collom, Felix Liner, Earl Varnell. Back, Jake Shamblin, Cy Henry, Gertrude Hooper, Audey Godsey, Nevada Staton, Grace Runyon, Jake Liner, King Barker, Bill Runyon, Burkett Carver, Hubert Staton, Walter Bolen, Glade Wattenbarger, Thomas R. McMurray, principal. Teachers in back, Miss Cecil Caldwell, Imogene Johnson, Laura Curtis.
Calhoun School group 1914 Calhoun School group 1914 $1.50
Photo shows Calhoun School in the fall of 1914. There was no high school there then. Three boys on extreme left, Walter Maddux, Ross Maddux, Frank HOrton. Front row, from left, Noel Fine, Bill Fine, Marie Shamblin, Zula Dixon, Edna Maddux, William Schulgan, George Saulpaw, Charles Cawood, Carter Whitaker, Ray McCamish, Bill Shamblin, Ralph Womac, Lester Maddux, Edgar Maddux, Harvey Fry and Roy Ratledge. Second row, Evan Hickman, Fannie Taylor, Grace Watt, Hazel Cawood, Reece McCamish, Taylor Smith, Cricket Haire, Myrtle Walker, Nettie Hickman, Lillis Fine, Annie Guffey. Third row, Tamply McMurray, Hattie Shamblin, R.L. Stephenson, Babe Eaves, Jake Carmichael, Bill Lillard, George Whitaker, Tommy Saulpaw, Jim Stephenson, Bill Varnell, Doly Whaley, Maude Horton, Leon Morgan, Frazier Guffey, Oscar Smith. Fourth row, Austin Watson, principal, Pat Sivils, Gloster Guffey, Jake Shamblin, Jasper Cawood, Granville Morgan, Bess Taylor, Minnie Stephenson, Imogene Whitaker, Annie Shamblin, Pearl Fry, Cordie Guffey, Cora Walker, Edith Morgan, Grace Burns, teacher. Fifth row, C.L. McAlister, Ross Eaves, S.R. Lyle, Raymond Lyle, Anna Mae Horton, Eden Crason, Bill Whitaker, Zillah Saulpaw, Hattie Saulpaw, Maude Maddux, Claud Taylor, Charlottte Horton, Roy Fine, Pearl McAlister and Ruth Sivils. Back, Nat Shamblin, Velma Eaves, Louie Shamblin, Fiddlebow Eaves, Frankie Whitaker, Albert Lillard, Margaret Horton, Lena Hickman, Stella Taylor, Bryan Wright, Steve Varnell, Katherine Horton, Jennie Smith and Dewey Whaley.
CBHS fashion show 1957 CBHS fashion show 1957 $1.50
Photo shows a fashion show by the Copper Basin High School Homemaking Department, using clothes furnished by the Smelter Store. The school’s third group of student teachers from UT are shown at right: Joann Henley and Wanda Whitson, front; Mary Ann Wright, Jane Shasteen. Other models, front from left, Helen Coleman, Sonja Weaver, Vivian Kilpatrick, Judy Buchanan, Shirley Green, Cindy Simmons, Linda Rose, Frances Ramsey, Tommie Jo Williams, Claudette Elrod, Peggy Davis, Fredricka Addington. Back, Reba Arwood, Sally Higdon, Medra Brooks, Patsy Williamson, Vivian Self, Faye Kimsey, Deloris Abercrombie, Kathy Turner, Kay Swain, Margaret Cash, Fayrene Ellis, Linda Turner, Katherine Padgett.
CBHS FHA 1957 CBHS FHA 1957 $1.50
Photo shows 1957-58 Copper Basin Future Homemakers of America Club awards banquet. From left: Teacher: Marguerite German, Glenda Smith, Sarah Lou Taylor, Marie Spurling, Shirley Gaddis, Patricia Powell.
Center Point School 1909 Center Point School 1909 $1.50
Old photocopy shows the Center Point School in 1909. The school, located four miles west of Charleston just south of Lower River Road, was consolidated with Charleston School in 1923. Front, from left, Florence Haney, Dolly Murphy, Jimmy Bryant, visitor, Willie Clayton, Creed Clayton, R.D. Haney Jr., Lake Clayton, Alfred Reslow, Irene Renslow, Russie Widener, Second row, Miss Mae Epperson, teacher, Annie Haney, Bernola Murphy, Sallie Haney, Carrie Widener, Phoebe Webb, Odia Widener, Ollie Widener, Jim Haney. Back, Flossie Ellison, visitor, Dolly Haney, visitor Kitty Ellison, visitor, Blanche Alexander, Ernest Haney, R.M. Alexander, Tim Ellison, Austin Haney, Henry Webb.
Clear Springs Elementary 1897 Clear Springs Elementary 1897 $1.50
Photo shows Clear Springs Elementary School in 1897. Front, Grace Newton, unknown, Sam Gentry, Powell Gentry, unknown, Smith boy, unknown, Albert Swafford, Swafford girl, Oscar Swafford, Chester Moss, Frazier Firestone, Zeke Firestone, R.E. Firestone, Second row, Dove Bishop, Laura Carr, next five unknown, Lena Swafford, next two unknown, Eben McBryant, Taylor Gentry. Third row, Laura Walker, unknown, Deach DeWitt, May Belle DeWitt, Lucy Liner, Maude Gentry, unknown, Gentry girl, Lisha Howard, unknown, Mary Newton, Ada Howard, Minnie Walker. Fourth row, Reece Maudoux, George Carver, Arthur Newton, Ellis Moss, Odis McBryant, Malcomn Swafford, Hugh L. Burris, Ben Burris, Hubert Carr, Press Bishop, Will Carver. Teacher Thurss Clark. (Photocopied from a 1965 Polk County News.)