Copper Basin Garden Project

CopperBasinGardenProject2The Garden Project at Copper Basin High School in Copperhill, Tennessee began as a Learning Center project, with many contributors providing in-kind support through labor and plants, as well as monetary donations.  This year, the Learning Center will begin the process of transferring the project to the school and community through a series of educational opportunities. This will be accomplished by partnering with local Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, who will assist and advise through school/community garden work days, classes, and clubs.

The stages of work are as follows:

1- Weed, Clean, and Soil Amendments

On three Fridays (August 15, 22, 29) from 9-11:00 AM, we will need volunteers which will be advised and led by our Master Gardener partners in the garden weeding and clean-up process.

2- Garden Club

Once a month (during the open lunch club extension) a Garden Club meeting will be held in the Learning Center for activities and learning opportunities. Special guests are invited to share how to use herbs for cooking; creating herb flavored olive oil combinations; and even using herbs in health and beauty products.

Volunteers knowledgeable in any of these or other garden related teaching/learning opportunities are needed and asked to contact Angie Cook, Coordinator, at 706-374-2342

The Garden Club will be reinstated in the after school program.

Saturday Garden Projects will include replanting the herb garden, which may be done during the two club times or on a Saturday.  Those who wish to be involved in this will be invited to a planning meeting; date to be announced later. Please contact Cook if interested.

Another Saturday Garden Project will be the creation of a rock garden. This also can be done in-part during the clubs but may also require a Saturday.

A Fall Mulching and Irrigation Plan will follow.

This is a volunteer project with the only contract positions being those requiring equipment and special skills (such as managing the big rocks for the rock garden). “We need a lot of help from school and community to bring our garden back to its former glory and to take it to the next level of completion,” Cook said, adding, “Then we can set up a maintenance plan.”

Any input in the form of suggestions, offers of plants, club and garden participation is welcome and appreciated. Contact Angie Cook at 706-374-2342.